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The Essence

The Essence is an all-natural handcrafted bath and body product company with a focus on skincare. It’s all the skin-loving goodness you need, delivered in a box. Everything is handcrafted using only essential oils for fragrance, natural oils as the base and the finest ingredients sourced from across the world.

Body Bar

Our Body Bars are made with luxurious natural oils that moisturise your skin well. They are scented with individual fragrance oils that contribute to skin wellness and the colors used in the soap bars are biodegradable

Body Butter

Our Body Butter is made with rich butters such as Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butters along with skin moisturizing oils like Almond, Jojoba, Grape Seed and many more

Lip Balm

Our LipBalms are made with natural butters and Bees wax that enrich moisturizing properties and will make your lips soft and smooth. They are available in different tints also.

Customize the soaps
according to your Skin

Customized soaps are the perfect way to bring a unique aspect to any event. If you have a favorite scent you’d like to see featured or if you have allergies to a certain ingredient, please email me from the “Contact Us” tab for a custom made order.